Standards Standards

We strictly comply with the stanards DIN 18273; DIN EN1906; DINEN179; DIN EN125.

Technical information Technical area

Dimensional tolerances on machining processes and on drawn products. Treatments and kinds of engravings.

Products Products

Bolts and screws, metallic small items, spindles and parts for handles. Automatic turnery.

Raw Materials Raw Materials

All our spindles can be manufactured with different grades of steel, according to our customers' requests.

· Technical Area

Treatments, Marking, Tolerances, Radius of drawn parts


All our spindles can be marked with a customized logo or with the corresponding reference standards.

We can offer you 2 solutions:

Laser marking Laser marking
Marking by rolling Marking by rolling

Surface treatments

All our products can undergo a surface treatment by means of electrolytic zinc plating. By this process, the surfaces of all our items undergo a homogeneous zinc coating in order to improve their resistance against corrosion and wear.

Another advantage offered by the electrolytic zinc plating is that this is a very low-environmental-impact treatment.

Hereunder you can find the different colours and treatments possible:

  • Standard White Passivation:
    Thanks to this process you can get a light-blue layer on the electrolytic zinc deposit, which is obtained in an alkaline, cyanized or acid environment. This kind of passivation does not contain Hexavalent Chromium.
  • High-resistance White Passivation:
    This liquid passivation is based on Trivalent Chromium, which enables to obtain a fine decorative light-blue finishing besides high resistance against corrosion of pure Zinc. Completely free from Hexavalent Chromium and oxidising agents.
  • Tropical Passivation with Chromium VI:
    This passivation solution with iridescent finishing is based on Hexavalent Chromium, it assures a compact and adherent layer also for high-brilliant zinc deposits.
  • Tropical Passivation free from Chromium VI:
    By this passivation process based on Trivalent Chromium you can get an iridescent-coloured layer. Its protective capacity, also tested by the standard ASTM, UNI-ISO proved an average resistance beyond 120 hrs. before any occurrence of white corrosion outbreaks.

The thickness of the zinc layer which has deposited on the surface can vary according to requirements. Our standard layer ranges between 8 and 12 microns.

Dimensional tolerances on our workings

If no specification is given, our items are manufactured according to ISO 2768-1 standard, which prescribes the following tolerances:

0-6 mm >6-30 mm >30-120 mm >120-400 mm
± 0,1 mm ± 0,2 mm ± 0,3 mm ± 0,5 mm

Dimensional tolerances for the drawn square spindle

All our spindles can be selected with the following dimensional tolerances:

h9 +0/-0,036 mm
h10 +0/-0,056 mm
h11 +0/-0,10 mm

Radius of the drawn square spindle

Some of our spindles can be supplied with rounded edge in order to avoid any problem upon assembling; on the contrary, some spindles have a sharp edge, in order not to have any clearance in the handle. Here under some examples:

Square spindle 8 Sharp edge
Square spindle 8 Edge no.1 Radius 0.2 Edge 1
Square spindle 8 Edge n.2 Radius 0.5 Edge 2
Square spindle 10 Edge n.3 Radius 1.0 Edge 3