Standards Standards

We strictly comply with the stanards DIN 18273; DIN EN1906; DINEN179; DIN EN125.

Technical information Technical area

Dimensional tolerances on machining processes and on drawn products. Treatments and kinds of engravings.

Products Products

Bolts and screws, metallic small items, spindles and parts for handles. Automatic turnery.

Raw Materials Raw Materials

All our spindles can be manufactured with different grades of steel, according to our customers' requests.

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Quality policy

Quality Policy

In establishing its own quality policy, the top management of Pi-Zeta di Poli Renato e C. S.n.c. guarantees that it is appropriate for the purposes of the Organization, contains the commitment to meet the requirements and to improve continuously the effects of the quality management system, to provide the necessary guidelines to set quality goals. The top management also ensures that this quality policy can be communicated, understood and implemented in the Organization by the inclusion in special exhibition spaces, by the explanation of the management to the staff and by performing daily activities oriented to this policy. The top management will have the responsibility to review periodically the quality policy declaration, in order to check its relevance.
The Management of Pi-Zeta S.n.c. , in establishing its own quality policy, has implemented the innovations introduced by the version 2015 of the ISO Norm 9001, and therefore, before defining the general objectives, considers it is necessary:
• to analyze the internal and external socio-economic context in which it operates;
• to evaluate the expectations of the interested parties;
• to evaluate risks and opportunities, both strategic and operational in terms of process and product;
• to take the necessary actions to eliminate, reduce or manage the assessed risks, and / or to pursue the consequent opportunities.
These analysis and evaluations form the basis for achieving the following general objectives:

1) The products of the company Pi-Zeta di Poli Renato & C. S.n.c must have the same or higher quality level compared with the best reference products on the market.

2) Improvement of customer’s satisfaction by means of:

● Assistance in the choice of the best product according to customer’s requirements
● Availability of a wide range of workings
● Availability for the supply of limited and large quantities
● Promptness and punctuality in the deliveries

3) Continuous improvement of the products and of the production processes by means of:

● Clear definition of the organization processes in order to improve the efficiency and the effectiveness
● Steady attention to the process technological innovations in order to improve company performance
● Staff training and formation

4) Personnel motivation and safety by means of:

● Collection and evaluation of their comments
● Empowerment of the operators by entrusting them with control tasks
● Adoption and care of the rules to ensure safety in the worksite

5) Steady care of the customer by means of continuous communication and contacts with the aim of focusing on his/her requirements to promote customer loyalty.

6) Attainment of appropriate income to cover the risk capital, to support the development, in order to ensure the occupational levels and the social function of the company.

7) Maintenance and continuous upgrading of company Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI ISO 9001/2015 and following amendments.

The Management of Pi-Zeta di Poli Renato & C. S.n.c.